Activate:chi has offered us the platform of their march on Sunday, and one of their staff has stated that they are willing to meet any demands that we make. Brave Space Alliance is a community center, and we fight for our people. We have no interest in repairing a broken platform, or using time that would be better spent serving our community on rehabilitating a compromised rally.

Our demands for Activate Chi are as follows:

1) Disclose their funding sources, connections to politicians, and City officials

2) Cease pursuing 501c4 status and disband their organization

3) Reallocate all leftover funds to Brave Space Alliance and Black Lives Matter Chicago

4) As a final action, use their platform and event attention to promote the Pride Without Prejudice march, which has actual trans people in leadership

We are for Black trans people, Black liberation, and trans liberation first, foremost, and always
#BlackTransLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter


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