We've been receiving requests for updates on the situation with Activate Chi, so in the interest of community work and transparency, we wanted to provide them! Brave Space Alliance staff spoke briefly with leaders from Activate Chi on Friday night, and had a conversation about our concerns, and how to move forward. We are looking forward to seeing how Activate Chi will move with intention and transparency in their future decisions. Brave Space Alliance is also looking forward to seeing how Activate Chi will be honoring their commitments to us, to meeting our demands, and to the Black trans community at large.

The support and trust our community has in BSA means the world to us. We want to keep using our full attention to feeding and supplying our community, providing affirming services, and fighting for Black Trans Lives, so we encourage our family and followers to do what they do best: organize, and use the information available to them to decide which efforts and groups to support.

If you would like to support trans liberation work in Chicago, you can visit our website at bravespacealliance.org, contribute to Brave Space Alliance's Building Campaign at bit.ly/BSA_Building, attend the Pride Without Prejudice / Reclaim Pride March today at noon, or check out our partners at TransLatina Coalition – Chicago and SER El Cambio.

#BlackTransLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter #BeBrave


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