Chicago Therapy Collective TDOR 2018 event

Honor and celebrate trans lives!

TDOR Ceremony

Nov 20 5:30pm at the Andersonville Galleria

Immediately following this event is T/GNC Lived Experiences Chat for aspiring trans-inclusive businesses.

November 20th is International Transgender Day Of Remembrance, a day to recognize the precious lives that we have lost due to violence against trans people. Please join us for a short ceremony to honor those that we have lost and celebrate the trans people in our lives that are still with us.

We will have speakers, performances, a brief ceremony, and refreshments. This event is free and open to the public and taking place in the second floor loft space of the Galleria. Unfortunately, it is not wheelchair accessible, there are 6 steps from the second floor to the second floor loft space. More information to come, but confirmed speakers and performers below:

Alexis Martinez (she/her) – opening words
Malia Santiago (she/her) of Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP) – dance performance
Cheyenne Butler (she/her) of Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP) – spoken word

This event will be followed by Towards a Trans-Inclusive Business! T/GNC Lived Experiences Chat. RSVP is required for this second portion:

Towards a Trans-Inclusive Business! T/GNC Lived Experiences Chat description:
Learn about the importance of being a Trans-Inclusive business directly from transgender and gender non-conforming individuals who may be hesitating to access your goods and/or services. Panelists will discuss a number of issues that pertain to accessing all types of businesses in Chicago. A special section will be dedicated to those businesses focused on health, wellness, and beauty services.

Chicago Therapy Collective Mission
We mobilize to create more safe, just, and inclusive neighborhoods for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and communities.

Goals for Trans-Inclusive Andersonville! Campaign
In the words of longtime Andersonville resident, Alexis Martinez, “we’re a very inclusive community but where does that inclusivity stop?” Our Trans-Inclusive Andersonville! Campaign works to make Andersonville the most explicitly trans-inclusive neighborhood in Chicago and to define what that means. Key to inclusive neighborhoods are inclusive business districts, which is our 2019 focus. Support our Trans-Inclusive Andersonville campaign and reach out to a local Andersonville business to encourage them to attend one of our upcoming T/GNC Lived Experiences chats for trans-inclusive businesses.