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House Manager

Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL

Compensation – $21 / Hourly

Variable Hourly, approx. 30 hours a week



The House Manager is responsible for overseeing and ensuring a safe, enjoyable show experience for all guests and upholding an extremely high standard of hospitality. Candidates must be skilled in effective de-escalation and resolution of guest disputes, enforcing and championing a welcoming and inclusive environment, and effectively leading a team. The ideal candidate for this role is a “people person” capable of actively participating in welcoming guests and being a model of hospitality.

In the event a patron asks to “speak to a manager” this role will be the first one responding! Candidates must be confident in their ability to calmly enforce policies and resolve issues.

This role is responsible for opening and closing duties, including setting the house effectively for patrons and the specific needs of each show, accurate cash handling, creation of day sheets and credential plans. This role will supervise the floor, adjust house staffing as needed (including making cuts) and enforce a level of top-notch service at the box office, scanning, credential checking stations and more. This role will additionally liaise with house production, bar, security and medical staff – working in tandem to create a safe concert experience. This role will be available on walkie-talkie throughout their shift and respond to calls as needed, including guest and ticketing conflicts, accessibility needs and more. Thalia Hall hosts an incredibly wide array of events and performances – the duties of this position are not comprehensive, this person will be asked to enthusiastically jump in where needed to make it happen.



  • 2+ Years experience in a customer-facing leadership role

  • Proven ability to handle difficult customer interactions and exceed expectations in hospitality

  • Experience in managing and leading a team of staff – with the ability to creatively problem solve crowd logistics issues

  • Must be able to “address a crowd” – there are times we quite literally need to direct a huge group of people politely and professionally, along with the daily need for motivational and informative pre-shift meetings with staff. Not a position for the overly shy or quiet!

  • Ability to multitask and work as a part of a team

  • Effective and experienced with basic cash handling and accounting

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs unassisted



  • Outside of occasional outliers, the typical schedule for this role will be beginning your shift at 3pm and staying through the close of the venue, typically around 11:30pm  – 12:30am

  • Set the house for the needs of each night’s event – including chairs, trash cans, tour merch tables, stocking venue supplies, etc.

  • Create a “Day Sheet” including credential plan for each night’s ticketing structure, distribute this to entire Pilsen Property building

  • Accurate cash handling and accounting of Box Office, Coat Check and Merch banks

  • Adjust staffing deployment as each event plays out – including making cuts, managing breaks and other adjustments as needed in accordance with crowd dynamics

  • Assist with and occasionally lead “pre-shift” meetings

  • Enforce house code of conduct, be a strong advocate for inclusivity, respect and a welcoming environment

  • Be “on the floor” during the run of show, checking in with guests and staff, watching crowd for safety needs and serving as a messenger for any stage calls that affect the flow of guests

  • As needed, liaise with Stage Managers and Production team on any special or specific security or house needs in regards to artist teams.

  • Supervising a safe egress, checking out all house staff members, ensuring all supplies and banks are returned and properly accounted for

  • Complete end of night Manager log and Incident reports as needed

  • Various additional opening and closing duties including locks, timeclock notes, HVAC management, house lights and more.

Evening and Weekend availability are a must for this position.

*Open availability during the week of Lollapalooza (dates TBD, end of July / early August) and NYE is required for this position. Unless otherwise discussed upon hiring no requests off for these dates will be considered. This is a requirement of your employment at Thalia Hall.



Must be at least 21 years of age

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in event operations and/or hospitality



Must have the ability/stamina to work a minimum of 35 hours a week.

Ability to stand/walk for up to 5-6 hours per day.

Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs unassisted.

Will frequently climb stairs, reach, feel, bend, stoop, carry, finely manipulate and key in data.

Must be able to work in both warm and cool environments, indoors and outdoors.

Must be able to tolerate higher levels of noise from music. Earplugs are your friend!



Compensation – $21 / Hourly

Variable Hourly, approx. 30 hours a week

This position entitles you to guest list privileges at 16 On Center properties subject to availability and approval.

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