Mission, Goals and Values

Take your time to read and reflect on the following Mission, Goals and Values that direct the Collective’s work and discuss any thoughts and questions you have with the Collective’s Member Coordinator.


Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) promotes individual and cultural healing, growth and transformation through therapy, training, activism and the arts to advance health justice and foster our collective health and wellbeing.


  1. Elevate the voices and lived experiences of those whose health and wellbeing is significantly impacted by socially-rooted systemic injustice, centering LGBTQIA+ community members holding multiple marginalized identities.
  2. Design and deliver pragmatic social solutions that address systemic injustices and support the health and wellbeing of those most impacted.
  3. Facilitate therapeutic, educational, activist and art experiences for individuals, organizations and the public that address socially-rooted distress, trauma and mental illness.
  4. Ensure all Collective activities are grounded in anti-oppressive, person-centered, and trauma-informed practice.
  5. Uplift artists, activists, educators, and healers and therapists whose craft advances personal and cultural healing, growth, or transformation.
  6. Build a member-centered governance model that prioritizes the wellbeing of Members and redefines nonprofits’ role in activism, workers rights and movement building.
  7. Collaborate with other groups, organizations and campaigns that share our Goals and honor our Values.