Trans Art Is: Love & Liberation


How do you interpret love in its many forms? How do you process and embrace intimacy and sex in a post trauma state? In what ways has love allowed you to be free? Why is queer* and trans love revolutionary?

Chicago Therapy Collective is now accepting submissions for our upcoming “Trans Art Is: Love, Sex, and Intimacy” gallery show! We are looking for well-crafted, intriguing, and intimate work pertaining to the theme of love through the lens of queer* and trans individuals. Submit via our website. All artists and mediums are welcome to apply.

Instructions: Submit up to three pieces of artwork to our next exhibit, Trans Art Is: Love & Liberation. Before beginning, we recommend having your artist statement, artist bio, and file(s) of your artwork prepared. 

Estimated time: 15 minutes.

Submission Form (4 Pages): Basic Information (Page 1), Artist and Artwork (Page 2), Submit your work (Page 3), and Your Availability (Page 4).

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Love & Liberation Submission Form

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