The Chicago Therapy Collective

The Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) was born from the experiences of queer therapists and their intimate awareness that the struggles of queer folks, especially transgender/gender non-conforming (T/GNC) folks and TQPOC (Trans and Queer People of Color), are a result of systemic, intersecting injustices that need to be addressed outside of therapy and within the community.

CTC is now comprised of a network of community organizers, artists, therapists, educators, business leaders and more striving to address these injustices and lift up our most marginalized siblings by mobilizing to create safe, just, and inclusive Chicago neighborhoods through art, education, and advocacy initiatives. 

The health and well-being of Chicago’s marginalized communities requires cross-community ally-ship and social action. We curate highly individualized opportunities for:

(1) neighbors and businesses to deepen their awareness, understanding, and investment in T/GNC people, especially QTPOC, already in their lives;

(2) for allies to center, celebrate, and compensate T/GNC people at the local level; and

(3) for communities, businesses, and individuals to move toward increased engagement and capacity for inclusivity through improved knowledge, empathy, and practical skills–to everyone’s benefit!


About Trans-Inclusive Chicago!

Our priority for 2019 is our hallmark Trans-Inclusive Chicago! Campaign, which challenges and supports Chicago neighborhoods to improve their T/GNC inclusivity and allyship. We believe communities are their strongest when everyone is welcome and at home, starting with the most marginalized. View our campaign overview sheet HERE.

Trans-Inclusive Chicago! Includes five primary initiatives: #HireTransNOW, Get Trained, Trans Art Is, the Trans Experience Survey, and the Pilot Trans-Inclusive Andersonville! Campaign. All initiatives are supported, led, and challenged by a Community Advisory Board to ensure Trans-Inclusive Chicago is a campaign made for and by the T/GNC community members it is intended to celebrate and support.