Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) promotes city-wide action to alleviate LGBTQIA mental health disparities, and facilitates personal and cultural change through therapy, education and the arts.

Trans-Inclusive Chicago


Our priority programming challenges Chicago organizations to Get Trained, Get Feedback and Hire Trans Now. Additionally, Trans Art Is performance nights and art exhibitions foster local Trans talent and promote cultural change through the arts.

Trans-Inclusive Chicago’s programming strives to eradicate mental health disparities among our city’s transgender residents and community members through cultural change. While therapy will always be a powerful mode of transformation, our city’s traditionally marginalized communities require additional social interventions.


A Local Approach


The Collective strives to be neighborhood focused and partnership oriented to ensure effective and sustainable change. As an Andersonville based nonprofit, we work to collaborate with our local QTBIPOC community Members and our neighbors who live, work, and visit Andersonville to foster intersectional Trans-Inclusion in Andersonville. We invite our members living, working and frequenting other neighborhoods to spark similar collaborations in their neighborhoods.

At the neighborhood level, we work to curate highly individualized opportunities for:

(1) neighbors and businesses to deepen their awareness, understanding, and investment in T/GNC people, especially QTPOC, already in their lives;

(2) for allies to center, celebrate, and compensate T/GNC people at the local level; and 

(3) for communities, businesses, and individuals to move toward increased engagement and capacity for inclusivity through improved knowledge, empathy, and practical skills–to everyone’s benefit!

Outside of Andersonville we invite Members to spearhead locally-focused change in their neighborhood, workplace, or other immediate sphere of influence.


Our Philosphy

CTC’s mission is rooted in the intimate awareness apparent in therapy and other traditions that the mental health struggles of LGBTQIA people, especially QTBIPOC (Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Color), are the result of systemic, intersecting injustices that need attention beyond the therapy room and within the relationships, organizations and communities to which those QTBIPOC community members belong.

Complex systemic struggles such as the ones QTBIPOC community memebrs experience require multi-faceted interdisciplinary interventions and widespread support. Through therapy, training, activism and the arts, CTC strives to provide a creative path forward for improving minority mental health.

Since 2018, CTC has produced numerous art exhibitions, performance and storytelling nights, direct action and advocacy events, and tailored training and consultations that center the leadership and lived experiences of QTBIPOC community members. To inspire collective, cross-community engagement and action, CTC encourages neighbors, coworkers, friends and loved ones to join the Collective and support collective efforts in building a more safe, just and inclusive Chicago for QTBIPOC communities.



Cross-Community Collaboration

Do you or your organization have a mobilization or an idea for a mobilization that supports minority mental health in your community? Let’s talk about partnership! We are here for both one-time and ongoing partnerships that foster minority mental health and wellbeing and across communities. Contact [email protected]

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