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Saturday Healing and Wellness Series

July 20 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Trans & Queer friends, join us in an affirming space to move your bods and soften your minds! All levels & bodies welcome. Aville @ Cheetah.

Chicago Therapy Collective’s Healing & Wellness Series is a weekly space for trans, non-binary and queer community members to tune inwards, explore a variety of healing modalities, and build community. Two classes will be held every Saturday at Cheetah Gym in Andersonville through the months of July and August. All classes will be facilitated by our team of talented trans, non-binary, and queer teachers.


  • 2pm-3:15pm: Yoga with Elena
  • 3:30pm-4:45pm: Self -Defense with Minky Kim

*Sign up for one or both classes. You must reserve your spot. Capacity is capped at 15 students for each class.

Program Vision:

Our intention for this Healing and Wellness Series is to offer our community curated healing and wellness practices across various modalities that collectively nurture us amid the tumultuous times we find ourselves in. Our goal is to disrupt the status quo of stress, isolation, and limited resources for accessible, inclusive health, wellness, and care by providing a wealth of sorely needed offerings. Through the series, we will strive to create an experience that rebuilds connections between mind, body, and soul.

Yoga with Elena

2:00-3:15 PM

Influenced by her practice in multiple forms of the yoga discipline, Elena teaches with a focus on energetic alignment and intentional sequencing. Her hope is to create a unique practice for her students; through movement, breath work, and simple mediation, a space to be curious and become more deeply rooted in the evolution of themselves.



Minky is a Korean, non-binary, athlete, movement activist, storyteller, performer, sex work advocate, and fat-liberated personal trainer. They founded Han Training, a gym centering queer, trans, disabled, and POC communities in Jan 2022 as a means to show that our values can also reflect in the ways in which we move. Their experience as a trainer ranges from calisthenics, weight training, powerlifting, and martial arts.

Class Description:

In this dynamic defense class, participants will learn essential techniques for self-defense focusing on target points, body mechanics, and effective combat strikes. We’ll explore vital target points on the human body, teaching students how to identify and exploit these areas for maximum impact and defense. Participants will also delve into the concept of utilizing their body for maximum efficiency in defensive situations. We will also covers a wide array of combat kicks and punches, ranging from basic to advanced techniques. Students will practice various kicks and punches designed to disable an attacker and create opportunities for escape. Participants will leave with knowledge and practical skills in target point awareness, body efficiency, and combat strikes, empowering them to better defend themselves in threatening situations.”


Cheetah Gym, North Clark Street, Chicago, IL, USA
5248 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640
Chicago, IL 60640 US
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