Hire Trans Now

An urgent call to action!

Employment is the hallmark of inclusion and the basis for housing, healthcare, and ultimately safety. Trans-identified job candidates cannot find safe employment opportunities or grow their careers due to rampant and unchecked employment discrimination. #HireTransNOW is an urgent and tangible call to action across the city of Chicago to resolve this long-standing systemic economic injustice. We ask the city’s LGBTQ leadership to direct its attention towards resolving this employment crisis with us and to help grow #HireTransNOW.

Whether or not your organization has a job opening, sign on to #HireTransNOW and help end hiring stigma and employment discrimination today. Your participation is not only potentially giving a trans-identified individual a fair shot at a job at your organization, but is also raising critical consciousness and social pressure necessary to resolve this employment crisis.

For more information visit the campaign here: transinclusivechicago.org/hire.