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Hiring stigma and employment discrimination against the trans community means talented, hard working, and creative job candidates are regularly passed up for their cisgender counterparts regardless of qualifications and experience.

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Sign on today. Show your support for Chicago's trans community while attracting qualified job candidates. We will support your organization in ensuring you are ready to receive trans job candidates and successfully onboard your new trans employees.

Participation in #HireTransNOW is open to all organizations regardless of current hiring status. 

An organization’s owner/executive director and hiring manager (or the equivalent) must provide signature via this submission form or written confirmation via email (contact below). 

Participating organizations must be willing to pro-actively recruit transgender job candidates and agree to implement trans-inclusive hiring practices, our baseline at minimum.

Complete your organizational sign on to #HireTransNOW via submission form below.

Receive an email to activate your #HireTransNow Employer account. 

Post current job openings to our Job Board or email to our #HireTransNow Coordinator (contact below) to post.

Take our brief readiness survey to assess your organization’s readiness to welcome transgender job candidates.

Review our trans-inclusive hiring practices checklist and confirm which practices your organization commits to implementing within the year.

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Employers can learn more at:

#HireTransNOW FAQ for Employers

Job candidates can learn more at:

#HireTransNOW FAQ for Candidates