#HireTransNOW: Sign On

Participation in #HireTransNOW is open to all organizations regardless of whether or not they may plan to hire new staff in the next year. Please note that an organization’s owner/executive director and hiring manager (or the equivalent) must actually “sign on” this submission in the electronic signature box at the bottom of the form. Review the steps below.

1. Sign on to #HireTransNOW via the #HireTransNOW: Sign On form (estimated 2-3 min) and accept the year-long hiring challenge.

2. Post available job openings on the #HireTransNOW Job Board (estimated 5 min) and include the #HireTransNOW hashtag on all online job postings for a year.

3. Take our brief readiness survey to self-assess your organization’s readiness to provide a safe and inclusive experience for your prospective job candidates.

4. Review our free feedback and resources to prepare for welcoming, interviewing, and ultimately hiring prospective transgender staff.

Contact us at:

[email protected].

Employers can learn more at:

#HireTransNOW FAQ for Employers

Job candidates can learn more at:

#HireTransNOW FAQ for Candidates