Iggy Ladden Chicago Therapy Collective

Iggy V Ladden

Chicago Therapy Collective, Founder

Iggy V Ladden (they/them) is Chicago Therapy Collective’s Founder and Lead Organizer. In addition to their work with CTC, Iggy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice, a long-time Andersonville resident, and a registered yoga teacher. Iggy earned their Masters from the the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration, and was named one of Windy City Time’s “30 under 30” in 2014 for their direct service to the Trans community. After five years of private practice with community members and deepening their understanding of social factors contributing to mental health disparities in Trans communities, Iggy is intent on translating community members’ needs into neighborhood-level interventions. 

As a therapist, Iggy knows that therapy is a powerful method for healing but not enough to fully heal traumas and mental health challenges that are socially and systemically rooted. Iggy strongly believes that which is socially rooted must be socially uprooted, and such healing takes collective responsibility and action. This is Iggy’s inspiration and the mission of the Chicago Therapy Collective. Iggy invites fellow Chicagoans – from educators, to therapists, to artists, to business leaders  – to join them in addressing social factors negatively impacting the Trans community’s health and wellbeing.

The Chicago Therapy Collective takes on the work of healing and transforming communities on a project-basis, embracing core values and frameworks to guide the integrity of their work. With each project, Iggy invites co-organizers and contributors to the table to design, direct, and execute the vision. The Trans-Inclusive Chicago! Campaign is the main focus of 2019, and CTC’s projects are currently all geared towards Trans-Inclusive Chicago! and building its 5 core initiatives: Trans Art Is, #HireTransNOW, Get Trained, Get Feedback, and the Pilot Trans-Andersonville! Campaign!. Meet Our Organizers here.

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