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Sound Therapy

Sound therapy uses sound and sometimes music to positively influence the physical and emotional health and well-being of listeners. Sound therapy offers an accessible way to engage with ones own mental and emotional world without language. Sessions are sliding scale and include flexible scheduling.

There are many styles, formats, and lengths to our sound therapy sessions. Based on individuals needs and preferences, our instructor Mirza Shams can facilitate pre-set or highly individualized sessions.


Mirza Shams (they/them)

Mirza Shams Chicago Therapy Collective

Mirza is a non-binary Egyptian healthcare practitioner, musician, composer and instructor. Mirza has their medical degree from Mansoura University in Egypt and specializes in personal psychology, sleep and behavioral sciences. Mirza sees themselves as a conduit for divine sound, love, wisdom, healing and kindness in the world and uses their talent as a musician to facilitate deep sound experiences. As SWANA (SouthWest Asian North African), Immigrant, Neurodivergent, Queer and Trans individual, Mirza is deeply committed to the importance of hope, vulnerability and rewriting the narratives of self knowledge for survivors of harm. Their approach to healing is informed by their spirituality, creative practices, education, and country of origin.