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Trans Art Is Exhibition

Meet the Artists

The Chicago Therapy Collective is thrilled to feature the following artists in our Trans Art Is series. Artist profiles with bios and artists statements will be coming soon!

Opening Showcase

September 1 – 30, 2018

Andrea Kaspryk (Visual)

Ellie Navidson (Visual)

Elijah Hass (Performance)

Erica Thorton (Performance)

Essie Shachar-Hill (Visual)

Fern Denne (Visual)

H. Melt (Visual)

Hereaclitus Here Vernon (Visual)

Lemon Wood (Visual)

Luca Crow (Visual)

Max Mains (Performance)

Maxine Morey (Visual)

Mirza Shams (Visual)

Omi Torres (Visual)

Ona Wang (Visual)

Pascale Jarvis (Visual)

Rebecca Grant (Visual)

Ren Heckathorne  (Visual)

River Kerstetter (Visual)

Zane DeBord (Visual)

Zacy Hickey (Visual)

Andersonville Arts Week Performances

September 15, 2018

Devin Clara (Performance)

Zane Debord (Performance)

Hereaclitus Here Vernon (Performance)

*NAXÖ (Performance)

Jesi Gaston (Performance)

Tofu Daddy and Rene Arturo Geraldo Veloira Cubacub III (Performance)

KJ Whitehead (Performance)

Forced Into Femininity (Performance)

Safety Scissor Death Squad (Performance)

Jac (Performance)

Featured Artists Series, and

Despite all that lay before us

November 1 – 30, 2018

Ellie Navidson (Visual)

Carolina Poveda (Visual)

Dylan Cullison (Visual)

Crossing Borders

December 1 – 30, 2018

Abhijeet Rane (Performance)

Alex Ziauddin (Visual)

Black Venus (Performance)

Justin Brown (Visual)

Karari Olvera (Performance)

Ken Folk (Visual)

Malia Santiago (Performance)

Nohemi Rosales (Visual)

Omi Torres (Visual)

Onyx Preye Engobor and Tai Jacob (Visual)

Pascale Jarvis  (Visual)

T Munoz (Performance)

Thair Thompson (Performance)

Vanta Black (Performance)

Love & Liberation

February 14 – March 31, 2019

Alex Ziauddin (Performance)

Allioza Mari (Performance)

Asha Adisa (Performance)

Bun Stout (Visual)

CJ Run (Performance)

Evan Fusco (Visual)

Jean Stevens (Visual)

Jordyn Belli (Visual)

Larisa Wade and Emily Morley (Visual)

Lauren Alindogen (Visual)

Leo Williams (Visual + Video)

Marius Dania (Visual)

Pascale Jarvis (Visual)

Sal Valli (Visual)

Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 2019