As therapists, social workers, and healthcare providers, we intimately know the ways in which our most marginalized clients’ mental health struggles are worsened by social exclusion, marginalization, and violence. Given such close access to the our clients’ pain and to the knowledge of the underlying social-cultural issues, we are uniquely positioned to represent and respond to our clients’ social-cultural needs. This work must take place outside of the therapy office and this is Chicago Therapy Collective’s Call to Action.

Call to Action

Therapists, join us in taking greater responsibility. In the therapy office we explore how clients may better help themselves through experiences of social exclusion, marginalization, and violence, and we know this is unbelievably important and valuable work. However, outside of the therapy office we acknowledge that these interpersonal experiences are social-cultural at their root. We call ourselves to action.

Help support T/GNC individuals and communities outside the therapy office. Let’s mobilize to create safe,┬ájust, and inclusive Chicago neighborhoods.

“What can I do?”

Please consider donating either your time or money to help us grow our initiatives. There are multiple ways to contribute financially, starting with the Provider Pledge.

If you have the time, energy, and passion to contribute yourself to any of the following initiatives, there are a number of tangible ways to get involved.


Education and Outreach

Chicago Therapy Collective therapists provide training, mentorship, and consultation for individuals and organizations ready to help create more safe, just, and inclusive spaces for T/GNC individuals.

Community Engagement

We also deeply care about T/GNC visibility at the neighborhood level and support community-based initiatives that inspire local engagement. To learn more about our current community engagement opportunity, visit our Trans Art Is T/GNC Artist showcase in the Andersonville Galleria.

Therapist Action

Finally, join us in hitting the streets in support of the movements that matter.