Trans Art Is

Saturday August 4th – Sunday September 30th.

Opening Night: September 1st 7pm-9pm.

Come see a special collection of transgender and gender non-conforming (T/GNC) artists’ artwork August 4th – September 30th at the top floor of Andersonville’s Galleria. “Trans Art Is” will be the first exhibit of a multi-month exhibition of T/GNC themed artwork.

An Opening, An Introduction

The Andersonville Galleria is opening its doors to art produced by Chicago-based T/GNC artists. What trans art is, and what transgender and gender non-conforming artists are expressing through their art is the focus of the exhibition’s very first exhibit.

“Hello, my name is and my …”

“Trans Art Is” is an introduction. And we know – introductions can be hard for many T/GNC individuals. We’re embracing this tender topic and asking our artists to do the same. From introducing themselves, their names, pronouns, and perhaps gender expressions or identities, to sharing a chosen piece of artwork that highlights some aspect of themselves and/or their art, these artists are showing up in the flesh and asking you to do so with them.

Andersonville Galleria viewers, the Galleria itself, the greater Andersonville community, and of course the city of Chicago are warmly invited to the Galleria for “Trans Art Is” during this exhibit’s stay. Join us for the Opening Celebration September 1st for the opening night 7-9pm. Meet us on the receiving end and make these introductions mutual.

This opening marks the beginning of a multi-month series exploring critical themes for T/GNC communities and beyond. The title of this first exhibit “Trans Art Is” pays a timely tribute to legendary gender bending performer David Bowie’s retrospective exhibit “Bowie Is,” that just ended July 15th, two weeks prior to this exhibit’s start. Bowie helped pave the way towards tolerance, acceptance, and love for gender divergent artists and artistic expressions. In the spirit of love for transgender and gender non-conforming artists everywhere, we’ve ask our participating artists to submit work that highlights an aspect of themselves and/or their artwork.

Future Exhibits

Future exhibits’ themes are currently in process, but will likely explore:

  • Borders, police/patrol, bodily autonomy, fascism, property, citizenship, in Andersonville, Chicago, beyond
  • “Sir, Mam, Um, can I take your order?”  trying to eat, pee, and be in Chicago’s service industry
  • Let’s have a redo – Sex ed, intimacy, and tinder – a day in the life of a trans person trying to date
  • Roe v Wade, reproductive justice, rape culture, queer families, and gender creative children in the Trump era
  • Chicago faith communities, existential rejection, chosen love, and spiritual TRANScendance

Each exhibit will include an opening celebration night with a brief talk and live performances.

Artist Submissions

We are still accepting submissions so please spread the word with any T/GNC artists looking to showcase their work. Submit your work!