Winter Queerantine:

Saturdays 1/16 - 5/1 @ 1pm CST

Join us for multi immersive peer-led therapeutic sessions on Zoom. Together we will explore self-care and wellness practices through sensory-based therapy and healing arts modalities, including:

    • Sound
    • Writing
    • Movement
    • Visual Arts

Each week the healing arts modality will rotate from sound to writing to movement to visual arts. Over the course of the four month program, there will be 16 sessions, 4 in each modality. 

To register for one or more sessions, complete the registration below. 

Program Overview

Queerantine Healing, Wellness & Transformation Winter Program provides our LGBTQ+ community with a community-curated space to heal and nurture ourselves during the current global state of isolation.

We understand the severe lack of accessible and inclusive wellness resources within our vast community, as well as hesitations and restrictions that may exist for community members when seeking traditional talk therapy. Our aim in this program is to create truly accessible doorways to support our collective mental, emotional, social & physical health. 

Our Queerantine is peer-led, meaning community members who are not all mental health professionals are invited to share their knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help fellow community members. We are invested in supporting and developing each of our facilitators as a core part of our Queerantine goals.

Queerantine is open to all LGBTQ+ individuals. Our sessions will strive to center our LGBTQ+ siblings who are often restricted from healing spaces due to economic, racial and/or psycho/physical barriers.

When: Starting mid January and ending early May, Queerantine will take place every Saturday at 1pm CST. Each session will be 75-90 minutes long. The therapy and healing arts modality will rotate from sound to writing to movement to visual arts each week for a total of four cycles. 
Where: Participants are welcome to join from the comfort of their own home and access their chosen session(s) through Zoom. We ask attendees to join in from a private and quiet location to minimize distractions for themselves and others. We do ask folks to participate with their cameras on to support a climate of shared presence and engagement, though this is not a requirement
How: Participants will receive their Queerantine Zoom link upon registering. To access the session find and click the Zoom link in the confirmation email and enter in the password included in the email, if there is one. The Zoom link will be the same for each session; however, the password may differ. 
Our fabulous team of Queerantine facilitators bring a range of multi- and inter-disciplinary therapeutic healing arts modalities, including:
  • Mirza Shams (they/she/he): Sound Therapy
  • Secquoyah Lacy (they/he/she): Writing Therapy
  • Raheim White (they): Movement Therapy
  • Hereaclitus Vernon (they): Visual Arts Therapy

Each healer is rooted in a primary healing and/or arts discipline that simultaneously intersects with the other disciplines in the series to fulfill an immersive collective multi-sensory healing experience for participants. 

Sessions work to rebuild networks and bridges between the mind, body and soul.

Depending on the session, we encourage you to bring your preferred:
  • Journaling Methods/Content
  • Water/Tea/Refreshment
  • Colors/Textures/Touchpoints
  • Blankets/Cushions/Mates
  • Essential Oils/Candles/Incense
  • Lotions/Creams/Masks
  • Quiet Home Area/Station
  • Reliable Audio/Video Access
  • and your present beautiful healing comfortable/cozy selves.
Our virtual Queerantine sessions will be held in the respect of the community’s confidentiality and comfort. As a rule of thumb, whatever is shared in the space by a fellow participant should be regarded as confidential. Community guidelines for sharing space together will be set at the start of each session by the facilitator, with space for participants to make additional requests for the shared space.
The facilitator may record their facilitator view during the session, but no participants will be recorded at any point.
Each session is donation based* and FREE if needed.
*All donations go directly to session facilitators.


Queerantine Facilitator and Session Details

About CTC

Through therapy, training, activism and the arts, Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC) strives to provide accessible and creative paths forward to advance LGBTQ+ mental health & wellbeing. 

Queerantine reflects our goal and vision of tangible healing, growth, & development within our Trans and Queer community facilitated by our Trans and Queer community.