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Sound Therapy Session Descriptions

Session 1: “Listening” – exploring the art of listening and how powerful + impactful it is on our mind, body and soul. By finding our listening spaces, wants and needs so that more of ourselves amplify through the sound realm. 

Session 2: “Unlistening” – we will learn how to unlisten to what doesn’t serve our sound equilibrium and how it vibrates through us. We will be guided through sound meditation, restoration, and new ways of exploring sound with certain frequencies, vibrations and energies to increase interoception that is linked to decreased signs and symptoms of anxiety and accumulative stress. 

Session 3: “Relistening” – we will learn the art of recalibrating sound by reassociating the process content through exploring sound familiarity and reforming perceptions on the internal and external. 

Session 4: “Safe & Sound” – Finding our body of sound explorations, filtrations and reassociations as we get deeper into our guided sound meditation, restoration, and new ways of expanding our auditory awareness. Followed by closing remarks and gratitude with affirmations in the last 2021 winter/spring sound circle.

Sound Therapy

About Sound Therapy

The main focus around sound justice is exploring a variety of expressive ways in which participants can be taught better understandings of their own struggles associated with the general platform of sound and begin a process of healing from the past with compassion and self-awareness, and reconnect safely in present relationships. 

Participants will explore their ability to skillfully manage emotions and deepen their relationship to their own self healing expressions associated with sound and noise pollution, in addition to music oppressions and their current complexities by digging deeper into personal sound narratives. 

Through sound healing, sessions will expand each individual’s capacity to create and maintain meaningful personal interconnections. Through proximity, hope, vulnerability and rewriting the narratives of self knowledge, sharing and healing socio-emotional expressions, discussing feelings, life events, decisions, and goals, besides recognizing and utilizing sound skills to assist in managing emotional regulations and identify options for increasing ideas around safety, trust, and communication with restorative breathwork, sound stretching, eliminating tension and navigating intentionality and community.


About Mirza

Mirza Shams (AKA: NAXÖ) is a non-binary Egyptian Multidisciplinary Sound Healer and Artist (music producer, composer, keyboardist, singer and DJ) based in Chicago, featured for their works on Chicago Reader, Chicago Zine Fest, Windy City Times, Philly Weekly, and others. Growing up in Egypt, Mirza performed & produced with some of the finest fusion bands, teams and projects in clubs, theaters, festivals, health centers and hospitals for over a decade. Mirza uses sound and music to explore psychological narratives, subjectivities, and streams of consciousness to navigate personal transformations featuring transparent voices calling to resist, embedded deep within a wider frequency, energy and vibration. Mirza has their MD from Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University in Egypt with emphasis on psychology, sleep and behavioral sciences. Mirza is a graceful conduit for divine sound, love, wisdom, healing and kindness to pour forth into the world.

Favorite centering thought or mantra: “I am endlessly renewed in the present moment”