Trans Art Is Curator Job Posting

February exhibit theme: sex, love, and intimacy

Deadline to apply: December 31, 2018


Chicago Therapy Collective: CTC mobilizes to create safe, just, and inclusive Chicago neighborhoods for T/GNC individuals and communities.

Trans Art Is: The Trans Art Is series is created for trans folx, by trans folx. Neighborhood establishments that center trans folx are a key component CTC’s vision for trans-inclusive neighborhoods; the Trans Art Is series is central to CTC’s Trans-Inclusive Andersonville! Campaign.


We are in search of curators to showcase the artwork of T/GNC artists and integrate their collection of works into cohesive themes over the course of a multi-month Trans Art Is exhibition. With each new exhibit, we welcome a new curator to breathe a fresh perspective and life to the Trans Art Is exhibition. We strongly encourage people of color, T/GNC individuals, and people with disabilities to apply.


Each Trans Art Is exhibit explores a theme central to trans folks’ experiences. Our next Trans Art Is theme explores sex, love, and intimacy. We are in search of a curator who possesses their own unique perspective on any or all aspects of this theme, and who can further develop and articulate that perspective in relation to the artwork selected for the exhibit. We ask our curators to engage the theme and areas of focus that arise from artist submissions from an intersectional perspective, and give preference to applicants who demonstrate their capacity to do so.



-Review and select submissions

-Liaise with artists


-Design exhibit display

-Install artwork with the support of artists and volunteers

-Print and install all necessary labels

-Coordinate pick up and drop off of all works for artists with access issues

Exhibit Language

-Title exhibit and write exhibit description based on artworks’ areas of focus

-Drawing from artist statements and bios, as well as curators’ own written editorial on exhibit’s theme, post commentary and dialogue throughout the exhibit

-Prepare brief speech/comments for opening and closing events

Skills and qualifications

-Excellent written communication skills

-Highly organized, self-directed, and responsive to deadlines

-Holds knowledge of visual composition and wall installation

-Nuanced and intersectional understanding of exhibit theme

-Availability for 1hr/wk check-in Jan 1 – 31; March 1 – 31.

– Increased availability in week leading up to exhibit opening


$500 stipend (approx 25-30 hrs of work) + $50 for curator’s own artwork submission

To Apply

Write a brief description of your dream Trans Art Is exhibit that explores the theme of sex, love, and intimacy.


Why is this exhibit relevant? What experiences of sex, love, and intimacy would you want to highlight through this platform? What would your hope be for T/GNC folx who experience the exhibit? What types of mediums, artists, and perspectives should be scouted for this exhibit and why?

Send your description, resume, and cover letter to [email protected].

Deadline to apply: Dec 31, 2018