Dylan Cullison

Artist Statement

I view art making as a way to survive, celebrate existence, and continue resistance against oppression. Using multiple mediums from drawing to installation, I aim to create spaces and moments that allow people to exist with ease and celebrate in their inherent worth and beauty. My current project, Transforest, is a series of collaborative pieces that honor my fellow trans, gender-non conforming, and non-binary community. Together we imagine our gender and selves as trees or other natural elements that withstand and can outlive whatever comes.

Artist Bio

Dylan Cullison has been using art in an effort to bring people joy since they could scribble pictures for their parents on scraps of paper. 

Dylan Cullison Trans Art Is CTC

After graduating with a degree in Studio Art from Smith College in 2015, they realized being an artist the way it was taught didn’t feel authentic, and have been figuring out their relation to art and the “art world” since. For now they have returned to what first made them passionate about creating– the happiness, catharsis, and affirmation it can bring to people. Currently, Dylan teaches art making to children in Chicago and uses ink, paint, printmaking, and installations to provide moments of celebration and hopefulness while living under fascism.