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Visual Therapy Session Descriptions

Creative visualization is an active imagination technique introduced by Shakti Gawain in 1978 where you use your own imagination to create and visualize scenes, pictures, and images in your mind. By using different visualization techniques, you will see an image or object from different angles. You will also learn to actively change things in your scene. The more time you spend focusing your imagination and focusing on it over time you can learn to manifest things into reality. By creating a picture of something and then by focusing on this image or scenario for periods of time, you actually tick your brain into believing it exists. You can use these techniques to visually imagine anything you want for yourself, loved ones, and the common. Each session will begin with a visual creative active imagination meditation technique. Emphasis will be provided on giving ourselves the permission and freedom to embrace the creative process and using it to creatively visualize. Less of the focus on drawing what we experience while actively imagining but more sketching impressions of what is possible when we use our imagination creatively and intentionally. Then we will use art materials in an intentional visual exercise. To close each session, we will give space and time for a post reflection group process experience. Attendees are welcome to bring a sketchbook or a pad of paper and any mediums that call to them. It is recommended to use large newsprint paper. Pastels, crayons, markers, or oil pastels are recommended rather than paint. You will also need a glue stick and scissors for the final session. 

Session one: “Generating” – By accessing the left and right hemispheres of our brain and drawing with both hands. We will also be using this scribbling technique in timed intervals to create many sketches and allow that creativity to really flow. Make sure you have many pages of inexpensive paper. 

Session two: “Adapting” – By drawing slowly with our less dominant hand only and stimulating corresponding areas in the brain. If you are left handed or ambidextrous this exercise will be natural for you. By drawing super slowly with our less dominant hand we will free ourselves from the desire to draw realistically, at the same time slow motion drawing gives our brain new experiences. When we slow down with our less dominant hand we also train the hemispheres of our brain to communicate differently. 

Session three: “Flowing” – By drawing slowly with our eyes closed. You are encouraged to use a scarf or blindfold to help you. We will be using the previous sessions experiences to allow flowing of marks vs. being able to see what we are drawing. 

Session four: “Gathering” – By using images we created already we will free up and use these images created in the previous sessions and by cutting them up and pasting them back together in unique ways to create a collage.

Visual Therapy

About Visual Therapy

I am a visionary artist creating an integrated art/life practice. My transformational art subtly unblocked me energetically and led to deep personal transformation and awakening. I am trained as an Art Therapist where I studied Neuroscience, and Expressive Arts. I focused on existential therapy, metaphysical philosophy, and somatic expression. I am also a Shamanic Reiki Master and those two opposing poles mean my knowledge is vast, complex, and varied. What has helped me, grown me, and transformed me is the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, my personal experiences, and my astral vision. I have created a visual methodology that is based on my spiritual practices. As a child, my parents followed a guru and I learned how to transcendentally meditate at age 11. It was confusing to have these intense spiritual astral experiences and yet still struggle, be confused, and be in physical pain. As an adult, I kept struggling with addictions, alcoholism, codependency, trauma, poverty, and mental illnesses. Even after 16 years of therapy, I was still holding onto the same pain cycles and suffering. Until I began getting regular Reiki energy work. But I was still caught in the loop that someone else needed to help me. Once I discovered all I had to do was pick up the tools of therapy myself, make art about my struggles, and tap into my higher self my life really changed. It was natural to let go of old patterns, blocks, and suffering. Daily meditation, energy work, and prayer have led me to have amazing experiences in altered states in the quantum field, astral planes, and spirit worlds. The experiences I had as a child came full circle and I realized my purpose. I literally asked the universe how can I help others see themselves as divine, inter-connected, and see their problems differently. THETAVISION uses the tools of art therapy, shamanism, and meditation in a remote multi-dimensional healing practice.


About Hereaclitus

Hereaclitus Vernon (b.1968) Is an artist that has presented their transdisciplinary work for 3 decades. They studied Sculpture at Yale School of Art (1995). In 1987 they met Linda Montano, inspiring 2 decades of ART/LIFE. With a second masters in Art Therapy from SAIC where they pioneered a movement-based Expressive Arts program in Chicago Area nursing homes for 5 years. They contracted COVID 19 in March and their harrowing tale to survive has inspired a new yellow body of work. This experimental project has been awarded by American Artists, Robert Rauschenberg fund, and the Foundation for Contemporary Art. Hereaclitus is a virtuoso performer in tandem with a prolific body of work. This spring a public multi-window installation performance puppet theater, “At the yellow window” based on their personal struggle will debut at Co-Prosperity Sphere. Their theater tour-de-force one-person show is made possible partially with a generous grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation.