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Writing Therapy Session Descriptions

Session one: “Finding Your Inner Voice” – This is about finding your voice. Finding your inner voice is important. It’s about stepping into the power of your voice & becoming more powerful in it. Without having to raise your voice, or have your voice taken from you. Express yourself in a safe place without being judged or cut-off for speaking your truth. It’s important that you connect to your voice. It’s your POWER & its your purest form of expression. 

Session two: “What is Conscious Rap?” – Do you like to rap? Or would you like to grab a deeper understanding of the artform? Ever since then poets, rappers, & freestylers across the country. Started to create their own lyrics that soon evolved into the Hip-Hop we know today. Cadence, delivery, flow, wordplay, & yes. Even enthusiasm. It doesn’t have to be aggressive IF the intention of the expression is to release. So you can open up for more space & creativity. Giving you the LOVE that you need. Even if it means showing off how powerful you are. And owning up to it. 

Session three: “Writer’s Block, On My Block” – Usually this happens when you’re pushing your writing process. And for some understandable reasons too–a release date, certain goals to meet, or simply because the energy isn’t present. It takes time & space. And especially for yourself. This is something that you need to take for yourselfDuring this somewhat heavy session we will be taking it easy on ourselves. By only writing when you hear deep within your head during the meditation: A good quote that you can remember off the top of your head, A favorite lyric you wrote OR a lyric you resonate with strongly, An affirmation, Let it come to you, See it as a whisper from the psyche and you bring it to your consciousness. Straight from within you without forcing! 

Session four: “Getting it ALL out” – This really just a chance for you to get everything out! Rather it’s screaming your lyrics or just crying while seeing what you wrote to yourself. To process & take the time with yourself & your words. It’s important to tackle those emotions but don’t drown yourself in them. But allow your words to be your guide. There will be pauses & check-ins so things won’t get too overwhelming. And you will still have to chance check in & we will do some chats before the session. To get any aggressive energy, anger & frustration released but in the form a chat. It can be in the form of AH, EY, OH, OM sounds. Or whatever sound or vowel that comes up for you.

Writing Therapy

About Writing Therapy

A guided meditation focused primarily on the thought patterns. This will be focused more on the writing and thinking patterns of where the thought process originates. Practices & tools are offered to emotionally connect to these thoughts while giving the space to process presently and patiently in the journey of emotional stability & support. Our interactive writing is engaging in thought sharing, guided and witnessed for healing patterns giving the opportunity needed with reminders of the inner work for instant stability and giving validation, security & vocal prowess to express oneself without judgement.


About Secquoyah

Secquoyah is a non-binary certified Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Facilitator, & Creative Writing Therapist through Chicago-based equilibrium energy & education in Illinois. They received all their Usui Reiki Attunements from BIlly Winebrenner of LakeView Healing Oasis, where they worked from 2016 to 2018, learning and growing to becoming one of the founding teachers at ISHA (Inner Sense Healing Arts), where they led therapeutic writing facilitations from 2018 to 2020 through using mindfulness, attention, validation in creating safe emotional space that focuses primarily on the thought patterns through interactive writing held for one’s fullest expressive self.