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Position: Mover
Duration: 6 Months
Starting Date: March 15, 2024
Hourly Rate: $18 per hour
Description:We are currently hiring for our Summer Peak Season! We are primarily seeking folks who have some level of moving/transportation/warehouse experience. We do also train folks who have no experience, so if this seems like a good fit for you, please reach out. Moving is hard work though, and we find that folks are more likely to find success working for us after having some level of experience in the fields previously mentioned, or experience in personal fitness (weightlifting + cardio based).

Accepting applications on a rolling basis through August 2024.
HIRING FOR MARCH – SEPTEMBER, with potential to stay with us in the off-season.

Company Mission: A Move to Remember is always seeking to grow and expand employment opportunities for the queer community. Here at A Move to Remember, we make moving a safe and affirming process. We want our clients to remember their move as friendly and comfortable, like they had asked friends to help them move, but the friends had the skills to take half the time and do all the heavy lifting.

Pay: $18+/hr plus tips, based on experience
Training Period: $16/hr plus tips for the first 75 hours

After interviewing, you will be asked to join us for 2-3 paid trial shifts so that you can get a sense of what the job entails and see if it is a fit for you, as well as so that we can see how you fit into our team and handle the long days. Your first 75 hours of work will be learning how to wrap, properly lift and move furniture safely, keep an assembly line flowing, and get through awkward items. Then, it’s off to the races. Will the summers be hot and the winters tough? Possibly. Are you alone in going through it? Absolutely not! The best part is you got a team supporting you every step of the way.


  • Complete multiple jobs within a shift
  • Attend all in-person walkthroughs at the start of each location
  • Wrap furniture and fragile items with blankets, wrap, or other padding methods
  • Safely carry and load/unload client’s items
  • Text or communicate with team or clients while in the passenger seat of the vehicle
  • Collect supplies, unwrap furniture, clean the beds of trucks, and organize/strap supplies within the truck after completing a move
  • May be responsible for assembly or disassembly of furniture (tools provided by company)
  • Receive feedback from the Leadership team, Drivers, and the owner of A Move to Remember

  • Uphold company values: Affirming of
    • Queer and trans identities
    • All races and ethnicities
    • Non-monogamous relationships
    • Non-traditional household structures
    • Low-income households
  •  Physical
    • Lift and carry at least 50 lbs
    • Briskly walk on flat surfaces and stairs with items for extended periods of time
    • Raise arms above the head, fully extended
    • Grip items less than ½” wide
  • Reliable transportation to job sites around the Cook county area or to our warehouse in Pilsen
  • Excellent communication skills
  • General attentiveness to one’s surroundings
  • Experience with assembly / disassembly of furniture preferred
  • Experience with lifting, cardio, and/or outdoor work experience
  • Mover or athletic experience preferred

Location: We are based in Pilsen, near Cermak and Halsted. Team Members may meet at the lot or at the client’s starting location, which will vary by job.

Hours: This is a contractor position, and team members are booked per job, not for a specific number of hours. Moves typically start at 8 AM, and are intended to be completed by 6 PM. Team members can expect to be scheduled 4-6 days per week during peak season if desired, and can set their own schedule. 20-50 hours/week of work is available, as desired. Team members should expect to work late afternoons and weekends unless previously approved.

Team members are given paid breaks for water and rest as needed, and a 30-45 min unpaid lunch breaks are generally taken between moves or between locations.

Team members will be paid a two-hour minimum if the move is shorter. Team members may be requested to assist other teams that are already out on the same day and have the choice to accept or decline additional hours outside of their already scheduled jobs.

Scheduling: Availability is requested a month in advance. There is no limit to the number of vacation or off days that a team member can take when providing availability. It is expected that, once scheduled, movers show up to their shift or find coverage.

Movers can expect more hours to available during peak times of the month (25th-5th of each month).

Movers are able to pick up any shifts requested within our Discord, as long as it does not exceed their own physical limitations or compromise the safety of themselves, the overall job, or workspace.


The mover position is a 1099 position.

We provide the equipment to carry out moves, masks, and training.
Federal holidays are paid 1.5x time.
A mover is entitled to a free personal move every year that they work with A Move to Remember.

To apply for this job please visit