Trans Art Is Artist: Omi Torres

Pronouns: They/them/theirs

Why do you want to submit your artwork to the Trans Art Is opening showcase?

I think it would be a great opportunity to be a part of a group that will understand the trans experience. I often times see shows for women that I would consider submitting to, but I often times feel out of place even when my identity overlaps. Being a part of this show will allow me to feel my comfortable and free showing me work.

Artist Bio

Omi is a born and raise Chicago artist. They are recent graduate from the American Academy of Art with a BFA in oil painting. Omi is interested in exploring gender and sexuality and what it means in today’s society.

From a young age they were interested the idea of identity and bending societal norms. Through research and self-reflection, Omi explores how living in a binary, western society affects our perception of others and ourselves. Being a part of various communities, they explore the different intersections that they have with gender and sexuality, as well as hoping to show a unique perspective on being caught in a binary world.

Artist Statement

In my current body of work, I create still life oil paintings that incorporate personal items and isolated body parts that are used to reflect on gender and sexuality in contemporary society. By surrounding the objects with a white background and taking them out of context I want the viewer to think of the objects as being symbolic. In painting my body and personal items, I aim for the viewer to understand the intimate connection I have with this series. By using a portrait format I touch upon the ideas of self-reflection, gender being a human concept, as well as the paintings themselves being self-portraits.

Being a part of the lgbtq+ community, I see this as a way to research and reflect upon others and myself. In making this work, I intend for the audience to question what defines gender and sexuality in a contemporary society, how policies and societal norms can negatively affect people, and how ones own gender plays into how the view art. My overall vision is to express how ideas of gender can either hinder or unburden others and ourselves.