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Job Summary

This is an hourly position that requires availability during business hours, which includes weekends and nights, for approximately three shifts per week. Primary job function is to prepare and cook food to serve guests and participate in R&D’ing new menu items with the team.


  • Acquires and maintains intimate knowledge of our food menus 
  • Able to cook and prepare food timely for orders 
  • Able to do dishes and help keep the dish area clean and well organized 
  • Able to find solutions in stressful situations 
  • Assists with kitchen cleanliness and organization 
  • Communicates clearly regarding their daily tasks and work station details 
  • Completes opening and closing procedures for individual work station 
  • Help organize all food storage areas including the walk in and dry storage areas 
  • Follows cleanliness and sanitation guidelines for city and state regulations 
  • Has a professional approach to learning our daily operations 
  • Prepares food according to restaurant recipes 
  • Properly labels and stores prepped items with date, identification, and initials 
  • Reports to work on time and with ample physical and mental energy to perform job duties 
  • Represents Half Acre’s culture and avoids situations and behaviors that are not reflective of company values in the workplace and out in the world 
  • Responsible for cleanliness and organization of own work station 
  • Works well both independently and within a team 
  • Understands the value of systems and enjoys being empowered and held accountable 

Required Skills

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old 
  • Candidate must hold proper certification (City of Chicago) which can be obtained once hired 
  • Can work needed hours of operations 
  • Demonstrates cleanliness and safety in compliance with health and safety regulations for food service 
  • Demonstrates good communication skills 
  • Develops relationships built on trust 
  • Listens actively and empathetically to the views of others 
  • Treats others with respect 
  • Advanced kitchen skills 
    • Knife skills 
    • Butchery 
    • Ingredient scaling 
    • Saute 
    • Grill  
    • Execute multiple preparation dishes in a high volume environment 
    • Teamwork  

Beneficial Experience

  • Previous experience in a kitchen cooking and preparing food
  • Knife skills and experience working multiple stations
  • Communication and consistency to get the food out correctly and on time

Physical Requirements

  • Able to lift 40 lbs and maneuver cases of food 
  • Able to work an average of 8 hours per day on your feet in a fast-paced environment

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